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Okay! This site is all about games. Here's a good one!
My website will be changing domains and websites. Click here for the new one! If you still enjoy this website, click here for this website's new domain.

Do any of you guys play toontown? I do! Here's the image to see where my toon is, and what server he's on.
Please note I do not have the ability to type messages so don't try to talk to me through speedchat plus. Use the prewritten  messages on speedchat.
 Remember, I'm always moving around, and I'm not always online. Refresh the page ever so often so that if I move, you'll know where I moved to.
I made an animation! My part of it is the last part with the skeleton dude. WATCH IT HERE! CLICK PLAY!
Mrs. Annunziato's Animations

Now, with my new app, you can buy things like T-shirts from me! Woman's T-shirts are just $18.00, Men's shirts are just $17.00, and kids' T-shirts are just $15.00! BARGAINS!!!! Click here to buy things!